Caviar 1000MG Edibles
Try these delicious, fruity gummies/edibles to relax at the end of a long day with small amounts of Melatonin. Choose from these flavorful varieties:

Caviar Gummy Sour Bears 1000 MG - Each piece = 7 MG
Caviar Sour Worms 1000 MG - Each piece = 11 MG
Caviar Cherries 1000 MG - Each piece = 14 MG
Caviar Rainbow/Raspberry Belts 1000 MG- Each piece= 17 MG
Caviar Apple/Peach Rings 1000 MG- Each piece = 22 MG
Caviar Fruit Slices 1000 MG- Each piece= 30 MG

*Hemp Derived CBD ONLY*
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